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lately: more reads


what are you reading? I’m into a few good ones, and have an ongoing list of to-start. and when I say read, I really mean skim. because my guiltiest pleasure is sitting and reading, uninterrupted. preferably in a bath.

yes, please: amy poehler is hilarious and insightful. I’ve underlined at least half of what I’ve read and I’m only on page 63. “you do it because the doing of it is the thing. the doing is the thing. the talking and worrying and thinking is not the thing. that is what I know.” also her motto is “good for her! not for me.” amen, sister.

the goldfinch: read 572 pages on my SOLO roundtrip flight to california this fall. YOLO. haven’t picked it up since. however! I really really like it. find the time to finish, stat.

all the light we cannot see: on order. rumors are favorable.

overwhelmed: how to work, love, and play when no one has the time: yes, to all of it.

the whole brain child: because always on the hunt for parenting “solutions.” always.

still alice: because julianne moore won best actress at the globes for her portrayal.

wild: my sister said I should read it! and I reviewed the movie for The Everygirl.

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126792122bf5e6ea783a6f37548993d1it’s monday! rise and shine and make it a good one.

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lately: on my mind

578cfe16fcce1d2fe89c9fce7b70416cor, a few things I think are just great:

amy poehler’s gems. yes, please, right now. “decide what your currency is early. let go of what you will never have. people who do this are happier and sexier.”

the anxiety of needing to know everything. right now.

fascinating: a woman’s brain on motherhood. “the act of simply caring for one’s baby forges new neural pathways—undiscovered rooms in the parental brain.”

“what’s your favorite spice?” “posh.”

this reminder.

this home tour.

// and if you want just a bit more of my writing: The Everygirl and Clementine Daily.

happy weekend!

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thank you, santa

yesterday my son said, “mom! I need to write santa a note to say thank you for coming to visit us in florida and michigan!”

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never have I felt more validated as a mother. I did something right! on days when everything seems wrong, wrong, wrong, I need to to bring moments like this into the fray. manners are difficult to understand, instill, and act upon. so when my son exercises them, needless to say I am THRILLED.

mother mag apparently agrees.

keep up the good fight, moms. it’s so worth. now excuse me, I need to go write my mom a thank you note for teaching me the importance of being well mannered. “no elbows on the dining table!”

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what does he see that I don’t? I see:

toys everywhere. everywhere. but maybe he sees fun, play, excitement.

late, always late and rushing. but maybe he sees us off on another adventure.

greasy hair and adult acne (ugh). but maybe he sees his mom for all the best that I am.

unmade beds and half-finished rooms. but maybe he sees a safe, warm home.

stress. but maybe doesn’t see it. (let’s hope)

// sometimes all it takes is a little does of perspective, doesn’t it? and I see his future so bright that he’s gotta wear shades.

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the secret (of) life

have you seen the secret life of walter mitty? it. is. so. good.


we opted out of the movie theatre on christmas day and instead rented the movie half of us had already seen (multiple) times. and with good reason:

adventurous. brave. creative.

beautiful things don’t ask for attention.

 to see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, to draw closer, to find each other and to feel. that is the purpose of LIFE.

if I like a moment, for me, personally, I don’t like to have the distraction of the camera. I just want to stay in it. right there. right here.

life is about courage and going into the unknown.

good the journey.

// it’s hard making recommendations for the arts, isn’t it? what speaks to me might not to you. but that’s exactly what art can do — reach different people in different ways. dare I say, like blogging?

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year in review (ish)

2014 was a year, wasn’t it? I mean that in the very best sense, full to the brim, bursting with babies, life, and lessons. you know, the good stuff.

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january reminded me how little newborns are. so. very. little. and snuggly. it also showed me what 31 looked like. tired. but blessed.

february, march, and april became a blur of polar vortex hibernating, two child wrangling, sweet do-nothingness except keep us all happy and healthy. mostly happy. with a baby baptism thrown in and a trip to florida. sunshine makes anything better.

may, june and july slipped into summer days, spent outside and staying up late. with a trip to california to hug best friends. 3 year old birthdays and 32 year old birthdays (hey hubs, handsome as ever!) cookouts, lazy lake days, and family visits to the mitten.

august, september, and october gave way to school days, Irish football, sister visits (and kate uptown! sightings at starbucks). apple orchard picking, another trip to the sunshine state, wedding celebrations of dear friends in D.C. and chicago (thanks mom and dad for watching the kids!)

november and december rang in the holiday season with miles traversed to celebrate with family. another trip to ca to snuggle best friend’s baby. little lady’s first birthday! (and merry christmas!) sailing adventures (2 days, 2 kids, totally priceless) aboard synergy.

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how do we even remember it all? we don’t, I guess. (I certainly didn’t) we just remember how we felt, who we were with, and what it meant. thanks for the fun, 2014. you sure were good to us!


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