this spring my sister was having a serious case of wanderlust. you know, that strong, innate impulse or desire to travel and explore the world. so she decided to up and do something about it. london, budapest, prague, vienna, amsterdam, coppenhagen, stockholm, liden and PARIS, are just a few stops along on her 2-month euro adventure. follow along at: The Adventures of Kait Tay.

have fun, little one! it’s your turn to see the world so embrace it all! and have yourself the best adventure. xox

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well isn’t she fab.

wishing I was wearing…what olivia palermo is wearing. always.

Olivia Palermo. Love the leather and fur!

it’s the weekend! wear heels, no reason not to.

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it’s march, and that means the two most special women in my life celebrate birthdays — my momma and my sister. happiest of days to you both, and know you mean the world to me! wish big. xox

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lately: reads


signs I’ve been craving some alone time: buying books in bulk. a few I’ve started, a few I want to read, and a few for inspiration. fingers crossed I can make it through at least five pages before falling asleep:

hands free mama: “I want to make memories, not to-do lists.”

brain grain: recommended by my dr. brother-in-law

beauty at home: because aerin lauder can do no wrong

the immortal life of henrietta lacks: march book club selection

gift from the sea: I sent this book to my mom for her birthday, and I am reading it too. found via what would gwyneth do who calls it “one of those books that you need to own in hard copy and that needs to sit on your bookshelf for decades to come.”

quiet: recommended by my dr. father-in-law

design sponge at home: craving some interior inspiration

the book thief: been on my to-read list for a while

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that’s right.

Consider This Diem Carped

getting it done.

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or what I’ve found recently on my journeys down the interweb rabbit hole:

the glow! it’s no secret how much I adore this website and what it means to me as a mom. somewhat relate-able, always inspiring, it’s now going to print. can’t wait.

this amazing teacher and what she does to protect her students every week.

these thoughts for new and second-time moms. spot on.

ways to be in 2014

this book to read (on its way from b&n!) suggested by cup of jo

life lessons with jenna lyons in the new print publication porter via a lovely being

and this to remember: “there is no ideal condition for producing creative work. I have to remind myself of that every day. you make the conditions ideal by showing up, period.” molly wizenberg, found via erstwhile dear

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I’ve never been one for new year’s resolutions. most likely because I make them, and then break them. and that never feels good, like I couldn’t even do the one thing I resolved to do. but this year seems different, for whatever reason. maybe the reason being my littlest babe was eight-days-old on January 1, and I just felt like maybe I should pull my life together somehow. so a resolution it is!

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be a morning person.

so now that I’ve sent the proclamation out into the universe, I better try and hold up my end of the bargain. and as many people can testify, I am so not a morning person. but my toddler demands it, so I am going to try my very best. rise and shine! up and at’em! today is going to be a great day! or something.

and I’ve learned, thus far, that homemade granola with greek yogurt and chai tea help start the day off right. along with my awesome husband who comes home from his 6am-in-the-freezing-snow-weather-runs all cheery and chipper to chat and get going. no promises that I’ll be that uppity in the a.m. but up I will be. take that 2014!

so I made a batch of big cluster maple granola from the smitten kitchen cookbook over the holidays and haven’t stopped making it since. highly recommend!

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it’s worth mentioning.

we’ve had some grand (see having a baby) and simple (see hibernation due to polar vortex) happenings around here lately.

our little lady (surprise!) decided to join us on christmas day, quite possibly the best present santa could deliver (as was explained to the toddler of the house). when really, I did a mighty fine job of delivering her myself thank-you-very-much. and of singing “for unto us a child is born” mid-labor. but really? so true. it was the absolute best, most beautiful day, chinese take-out for dinner and all. a day which we thought we would be spending alone, just the three of us, when actually our family rallied to be with us and celebrate our very own christmas miracle. and that makes four!

next up, the polar vortex. when I joked that we would be hibernating this winter with a newborn, I wasn’t aware that we really would be locked up for days on end due to negative degree weather, feet of snow, and wintertime sickness rolling through. but here we are still cooped up and dealing with the simple being of being home and being with each other. whether the 2 1/2 year old likes it or not.

so I am certainly working on not wishing away these days of insane sleep deprivation, or of wishing it would just hit double digits already so we can get out of the house. because these days, of just discovering who we are as a little family of four, I need to cherish. they will be short-lived, we’ll get our feet under us eventually and the wonder of “how are we actually surviving right now?” will be gone.

and if majorie pay hinckley wasn’t already the smartest lady ever, then there’s this: “the only way to get through life is you laugh your way through it. you either have to laugh or cry. I prefer to laugh. crying gives me a headache.” amen.

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