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a bit to love: the glow

do you read the glow? I devour it. its this amazing compilation of motherhood, from a very honest perspective, albeit sometimes eye-rolling in how glamorous these women live. however, I often find myself totally relating to their musings on motherhood: what it means, how it goes, what to savor (and not), how to survive, what it takes, and how to just breathe when nothing else works.

the latest glimpse features molly guy, and oh is she my soul sister in motherhood or what:

because if were really being honest here, I was very ambivalent about becoming a mother. Once she arrived, the love was like a drug. But that whole passage of time was also really colored by an intense sadness. Embracing the responsibility of motherhood was a real mind f*&*ck. No longer could I get away with being a selfish, disorganized, chain-smoking negligent who bounced checks left and right and hit snooze a hundred times while dirty dishes piled up in the sink and never answered to anyone. sounds about right.

and, oh yes. There are some mornings when Im cutting up my daughter’s grapes into fours after three hours of sleep while the sun is coming up and I’m in a flannel granny moomoo and NPR is on and I’m like, Where’s my cigarettes, where’s my naughty Saturday night fling and ripped black lace lingerie and I just wanna call in sick to work and take Klonopin and google all my exes and only eat gummi bears all day. Falling in love, becoming a mother and growing up in general has this sort of beautiful deal with devil vibe to it. The amount of wisdom and love you gain is directly proportionate to the vanity and ego you’re willing to lose.

and quite literally, I’m really disorganized. I see all these moms on the subway with Goldfish crackers and seaweed chews in these little Muji Tupperware containers in this perfect little diaper bag and I’m pulling a half-eaten Kind bar out of my Chanel bag with a taxi receipt stuck to it and I’m like eat this.’

but ultimately, remember, When it comes to being a mother, dont listen to anyone. Absolutely no one. Ignore all of it: the breastfeeding tips, the sleep-training dogma, the attachment parenting books, the wooden toys credo, food allergies hysteria, EVERYTHING. Being a mom is about developing your own style, just like anything else. Your kid is going to be complicated and tormented and amazing just like every other human being that walks this earth no matter what, so trust your instincts and drown out the noise. The only person who knows what your child needs is you.

amen, sister.

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