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Ive never been one for new years resolutions. most likely because I make them, and then break them. and that never feels good, like I couldnt even do the one thing I resolved to do. but this year seems different, for whatever reason. maybe the reason being my littlest babe was eight-days-old on January 1, …

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Life & Such

thank you, santa

yesterday my son said, mom! I need to write santa a note to say thank you for coming to visit us in florida and michigan! never have I felt more validated as a mother. I did something right! on days when everything seems wrong, wrong, wrong, I need to to bring moments like this into the …

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what does he see that I dont? I see: toys everywhere. everywhere. but maybe he sees fun, play, excitement. late, always late and rushing. but maybe he sees us off on another adventure. greasy hair and adult acne (ugh). but maybe he sees his mom for all the best that I am. unmade beds and half-finished …

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