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its worth mentioning.

weve had some grand (see having a baby) and simple (see hibernation due to polar vortex) happenings around here lately.

our little lady (surprise!) decided to join us on christmas day, quite possibly the best present santa could deliver (as was explained to the toddler of the house). when really, I did a mighty fine job of delivering her myself thank-you-very-much. and of singing for unto us a child is born mid-labor. but really? so true. it was the absolute best, most beautiful day, chinese take-out for dinner and all. a day which we thought we would be spending alone, just the three of us, when actually our family rallied to be with us and celebrate our very own christmas miracle. and that makes four!

next up, the polar vortex. when I joked that we would be hibernating this winter with a newborn, I wasnt aware that we really would be locked up for days on end due to negative degree weather, feet of snow, and wintertime sickness rolling through. but here we are still cooped up and dealing with the simple being of being home and being with each other. whether the 2 1/2 year old likes it or not.

so I am certainly working on not wishing away these days of insane sleep deprivation, or of wishing it would just hit double digits already so we can get out of the house. because these days, of just discovering who we are as a little family of four, I need to cherish. they will be short-lived, well get our feet under us eventually and the wonder of how are we actually surviving right now? will be gone.

and if majorie pay hinckley wasnt already the smartest lady ever, then theres this: the only way to get through life is you laugh your way through it. you either have to laugh or cry. I prefer to laugh. crying gives me a headache. amen.

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