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kind words

it was one of those days yesterday. you know, christmas jams at target days. that was the best I had, so there it was. and then as I checked out, two kids in tow, screaming for patience inside my own head, I rushed us into the closing elevator doors. the woman inside was the same who had been in line directly in front of me.

she turned and said, it was so sweet of you to speak to your children so kindly when you were checking out. it was so wonderful to hear because usually its yelling and pleading and frustrations. but thank you for having patience with your children.

it was more than I could have ever asked for from a stranger. mother to mother, exactly what I needed to hear when I felt like I had been failing at this whole mothering thing. I am so grateful for her kind words. keep on keepin on, mamas. we got this.

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