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on making friends (as an adult)

making friends is hard, keeping them, also. I wrote a piece for clementine daily about the effort it takes to make friends in this stage of my life. summary: not easy, definitely worth it.

every day I miss my good, true, close friends. growing up and getting older has many advantages, however (for me) one of them that has not been afforded is the luxury of living near any of my bests, so life has forced me to widen my circle. but Ive found a few really good ones lately and for that I am grateful.

admittedly it was hard to pen the open and vulnerable state I have been in as of late, but if my words help any one person summon the courage to find a friend, well, lets call it worth it.

I am so very thankful for all of my people, scattered across the states and world (hi kobe and sam!) and for what they add to my life.

so this is dedicated to all of my people, near and far. xox


It’s been quite the almost-three-year journey creating a new life, building community and making friends after our geographical reboot. But it’s taught me much about growing into my own skin and throwing myself into the front lines. It almost became a reinvention of sorts; old friends just know—they’ve lived your history alongside you. They are most certainly the ties that bind you to, well, you. And new friends have to be told—who you are, what you’ve been through and what you stand for.

I think there’s a difference in these tales of friendships and obvious advantages to each. But I’ve learned the true beauty of friendship mirrors your current stage of life: who you are today, right this very second, reflects itself in those you call your people. Those you fought hard to find, to make and to keep. So in my truest Oprah-ism, this is what I know for sure: friends are worth every effort.

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