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on technology

I think its safe to say we have a love/hate relationship with technology these days. time suck! energy waster! general distractor from the important things! (and by technology I mostly mean our iphones.) how much is too much device time!

but then. last week my best friend face-timed us from california so I could see her sweet infant boy and his cheeks. (oh those baby cheeks! I wanted to leap through the screen and squeeze them!) and we spent the next 45 minutes or so chatting and eating and drinking coffee and walking through our respective houses discussing new couches (mine) and kitchen renos (hers). and in that moment I was so very thankful that we live in a day and age that I can see her and her baby instantly, at any time. because ideally wed live down the street from each other.but you know, its good to have goals.

I do know that without our many devices my children wouldnt have such a close relationship with my family in florida. distance does a number on the heart, but somehow these little screens help fill the void. my brother and I chatted face-to-face over lunch the other day and just seeing him via iphone felt (close) to what it would be like if he could just drop by.

suffice to say, I still elbow nudge my husband about a million times a night to put the phone down! in front of the kids! what example are we setting! I dont care if its work! (and im just as guilty, believe me.)

but I think what is most important is what doesnt become lost in translation. I might be checking the weather to asses what outerwear needs to be tracked down in order to leave the house, but my son doesnt know that. all he sees is my eyes on a screen. again. so explain. make him part of the snow-watch checking process.

setting limits is important, keeping dialogue open and ongoing about our technology is important. I dont ever want my children to think what is going on in the internet world is more important than his world. its a daily struggle, to be sure, but one that takes diligent monitoring. right? this much I do know: screen time can be valuable time. but with limits, and understanding.

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