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Ive never been one for new years resolutions. most likely because I make them, and then break them. and that never feels good, like I couldnt even do the one thing I resolved to do. but this year seems different, for whatever reason. maybe the reason being my littlest babe was eight-days-old on January 1, and I just felt like maybe I should pull my life together somehow. so a resolution it is!

be a morning person.

so now that Ive sent the proclamation out into the universe, I better try and hold up my end of the bargain. and as many people can testify, I amĀ so not a morning person. but my toddler demands it, so I am going to try my very best. rise and shine! up and atem! today is going to be a great day! or something.

and Ive learned, thus far, that homemade granola with greek yogurt and chai tea help start the day off right. along with my awesome husband who comes home from his 6am-in-the-freezing-snow-weather-runs all cheery and chipper to chat and get going. no promises that Ill be that uppity in the a.m. but up I will be. take that 2014!

so I made a batch of big cluster maple granola from the smitten kitchen cookbook over the holidays and havent stopped making it since. highly recommend!

image via my iphone

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