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staying sane. its christmas!

some christmas thoughts, at, you know, christmastime. its easy to let the holiday spirit get away from you, what with connecting flights, an antsy toddler and a sick one year old in tow. my husband and I were staring at each other bleary eyed in the Atlanta airport, thinking maybe we should have just stayed home? and Im all, its cool, well survivestay sane! easier said than done. but we made it to our final destination (florida!) for the most merry christmas.

based on my train of thoughts while traveling, I wrote this piece for The Everygirl. it wont run because our holiday content is complete, but thought Id share here:

10 Ways to Stay Sane during the Holidays

Joy to the world! It’s the most wonderful time of the year–except when it’s not and when you’re tired, stressed, and spread too thin. It’s the first sign that we are rushing–rushing through the season, rushing to be with family, friends, rushing to find that perfect (and often elusive) gift. The rumblings are there, the stress beneath the surface, threatening to spill over into the constant holiday cheer. Don’t let it! Or do, and then take a moment to center yourself and make your way back into merry.

Especially right now, there is no time like the present. And that’s the thing about the holidays; it really is a wonderful time of the year. Find the moments that twinkle, embrace the wonder and the magic, and be merry.

Here are 10 ways to help you stay sane during this crazy Christmas season:

  1. Be realistic. If you can’t be somewhere, buy something, or do it now, then don’t. Be the best version of you this holiday season, not what Pinterest says you should be.
  1. Start small. If it needs to get done, do it in partial increments. Don’t be overwhelmed with the relentless must-do list. Chip away.
  1. Take control. How we react to stress can literally raise or lower our stress levels. You have the power to decide how you will manage, well, everything.
  1. Slow down. It’s easy to become caught up in the go-go-go nature of the holidays. Understandably, we want to take full advantage of time without work, spent with our families, and celebrating; but remember, you don’t need to rush to make it happen.
  1. Take a nap! Seriously, you’re allowed. We all need a breather sometimes; space to reconnect. Give yourself a real silent night.
  1. Let it go. Elsa really knows best. It’s not worth your limited energy to spend stewing over grievances, large or small. Give it a rest. (See above tip.)
  1. Find the positive. So what if dinner won’t be ready until 9 P.M. because you miscalculated cooking time – you made a delicious meal, bottom line. Cheers to that.
  1. Celebrate! It’s your holiday, too, remember? In the spirit of giving, don’t forget to give to yourself. Watch Home Alone and Four Christmases. Get a pedicure. Buy the cranberry cake for dessert instead of baking if it means freeing up time in your holiday to have, well, a holiday.
  1. Practice gratitude. Remember the reason for the season. Find what it is you are thankful for.
  1. All is calm, all is bright. Make this your mantra. Keep your cool, and be your brilliant self this holiday season.

It will be your most merry yet!

// may your days be merry and bright, and all your christmases be white (unless you are in florida like us, and that means white sandy beaches for you. and you! and you!)


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